Some of the buyers of the first polygraph model RUBICON

We present to your attention only those buyers of polygraphs RUBICON, information about which is in the Internet sources of general access. Information about the vast majority of buyers from government and commercial structures is missing in this review due to compliance with state and commercial secrets.

- 1 -

A new subdivision of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, whose employees check with the help of a polygraph all officials claiming leadership positions.

- 2 -

The General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine purchased one RUBICON polygraph through the Prozorro system.

- 3 -

The Security Service of Ukraine purchased three polygraphs RUBIСON through the system Prozorro.


- 4 -

The Office of the Security Service of Ukraine in Lugansk region purchased one polygraph RUBIСON through the system Prozorro.

- 5 -

The Chernigov Oblast State Administration purchased a RUBIСON polygraph through the Prozorro system.

- 6 -

The Main Directorate of the National Police in Lugansk region purchased one polybag complex RUBIСON through Prozorro system.

- 7 -

More than 70 members of the All-Ukrainian Association of Polygraph examiners (VAP) have purchased and are working on Rubicon polygraphs (according to the registration data of the members of the VAP, as well as participants in two VAP conferences).

We hope that the information presented above will be useful for all interested parties in their decision to buy polygraph RUBICON not only of the first model, but also of the second model, which sales will begin in the fall of 2017.