"Rubicon" polygraph (model "P-02")

RUBICON (p-02) - professional computer polygraph of a new generation, in which the data processing unit has been improved, as well as all sensors taking into account the actual requirements and capabilities of the most advanced electronic components.

The second model of polygraphs RUBICON allows to make up to 8 kinds of modifications. Finally it will allows each specialist to convert the basic equipment into a strictly individual polygraph, both in terms of functional settings and at a price. If you want to buy a polygraph in Ukraine at the lowest price and at the most favorable terms, we recommend to contact directly to manufacturer!

Basic configuration of polygraph RUBICON (model P-02)

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Polygraph package contents

Data processing unit
"B-02" - 1pc.
Tremor sensor
"TRM" - 1pc.
Breath sensors
"RS" - 2pc.
Sensor of central cardiovascular activity
"ARP" - 1pc.
Sensor of electrodermal activity
"SGR" - 1pc.
Sensor of peripheral cardiovascular activity
"PPG" - 1pc.
Sensors of acoustic activity
"MCP" - 1шт.
Connection cable
"USB - miniUSB" - 1pc.


Professional Software

General View Respondent data Technical settings Polygrams


Our advantages

Production in Ukraine 3 year warranty English version of Software Conform to DSTU and ASTM
Full package of documents Prompt delivery and service High reliability Free consultation


Our customers

Documents, confirming the quality of the polygraphs RUBICON

Certificate DSTU Declaration of Conformity Conclusion of SEE Trade Mark Software Copyright

Neuropolygraph Option

Starting in the fall of 2019, Rubicon P-02 polygraphs will be compatible with neurogadgets any of the presented models.
The new version of Rubicon v.2 software will enable the simultaneous recording of brain and physiological activity.

The complete set of the polygraph Rubicon P-02 with a neurogadget will bring the quality of specialist work to a whole new level!
You can buy one of the gadgets presented separately or complete with a polygraph.

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